And So It Begins…

Today marks the launch of the new QZC gaming website, and we are all so excited. Our dedicated staff has spent numerous hours behind the scenes to build our socials, source talent and funding for our E-Spots team. We currently have one signed player and are shortly going to be making several announcements as we add to our roster of players and content creators. Our academy team has been grinding and improving daily. Great things are coming soon and we want all of you to come along on this journey with us. In today’s hard times, it is important that people have a place to have fun and earn money. E-Sports is the exact type of venue that can fulfill these needs, and our goal here at QZC gaming is to help develop up and coming talent as well as to show case amazing professional players and content creators. My family is committed to making a positive and lucrative impact in this space. Please check out our growing E-Stores and support us by buying our merchandise. If you purchase QZC products and wear them while gaming, streaming or just enjoying life; tag us and we will highlight you on our page. I will finish by saying how excited the owners, players and staff are to finally launch our website and web stores. Check back often to see what’s new. #QZC #QZCgaming

Christi Qazi
Co-Owner QZC Gaming

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